Coating (Laminating)
Cover the print output with OPP film using adhesive glue to protect from dirt and improve durability.
ADSticker has two kinds of lamination option, divided by film type. The first is glossy coating.
It has high transparency and shiny texture. The second is matt coating with its opaque texture giving delicate and luxurious effect.
Please choose the lamination type by its features.
※ Lamination applicability can be different by products.

*Comparable image of ART 90g*


AGlossy coated (gloss laminating)

Glossy Film
Material : OPP
Thickness : 12μ
High gloss and laminated texture giving off a shiny and an eye catching look compared to matt coated surface.
It makes stickers and colors pop with shine.

BMatt coated (matt laminating)

Matt Film
Material : OPP
Thickness : 13μ
Popular lamination type. Commonly used for brochure cover, banner and etc. Non-glossy and less reflective surface make prints easy to read by humans and machines. It adds elegance and sophistication to your artwork.


It printed on the original material texture as it is for non-coated one.

DUV Coating, Varnish Coating

Liquid coating on the surface then UV dried. Cheaper than laminating. Good moisture resistance. But when bent, the coating can break due to low folding endurance. Good for curved surfaces (due to shrinkage)

EHot Coating

A method of adhering heat to a 0.025mm thin coating film to the output. The printed material has excellent color realization and is economical.

- Hot Coating (Matt) : Lowest reflection, It has the lowest reflection on the light. The subtle light makes the printed material luxurious
- Hot Coating (Glossy): High reflection, It has a brilliant glow, so the colour is excellent.

FCold Coating

A coating film with a thickness of 0.09mm and an adhesive component is adhered to the printed material. Durable and luxurious.

- Cold Coating (Matt): Low reflection, It’s luxurious with embossed coating and has a slight glow compared to the Matt hot coating.
- Cold Coating (Glossy): Highest reflection, The strongest gloss improves the coloration of ink and a thick coating film increase thickness of the printed material.