Cutting type and sticker shapes


ASquare cut


Square cut shapes according to order size without leaving any margin.
Back-liner is an inserted cut line on the back of the sticker paper to peel off easily.
One back-liner is commonly inserted, 2~3 can be added by sticker size.
Exception (1) Back-liner is not applicable for SilverPET 25 μ, TransparentPET 38 μ.
Exception (2) Back-liner is not applicable for an order containing full color on the front and black on the back.
Exception (3) Back-liner is not applicable for Outdoors square cutting stickers.

▶Applicable product : Single stickers, Outdoor stickers
▶Minimum size : 50x50mm~

  • Front

  • Back

  • Pill off




Kiss-cut stickers only cut through the vinyl and leaving paper backing intact. Paper backing helps to protect stickers while being transported. Also, you can print around the sticker on the margin for extra design details and style. The margin will be left over after peeling. It is easier to peel off stickers compare to Die-cut but takes more time to process compared to Square-cut. Customers can adjust margin for Sticker sheet type, but for Single sticker’s margin cannot be adjusted.

▶Applicable product : Single stickers, Sticker sheets, Roll labels
▶Minimum size : 10x10mm~
※ Roll label would be served with sticker margin removed.

① Single / Kiss-cut

  • Front

  • Back

  • Pill off


②Sticker Sheets / Kiss-cut

  • Front

  • Back

  • Pill off


③Roll Label / Kiss-cut

  • Roll type

  • Sheet type

  • Pill off




Die-cut stickers cut straight through vinyl and paper backing to match the exact shape of your sticker design – shapes and sizes.

**Cutting dreg**
The die-cut frame is made with steel blades embed in wood panel furrow. When blades cut the sticker fabric, it may leave dreg.

▶Applicable product : Single stickers
▶Minimum size : 10x10mm~


bk-st-icon.png[Shape of Kiss-cut and Die-cut]


① Single/Basic shapes


The basic shapes are rounded cornered quadrangle, triangle, circle, and oval.
The basic rounded corner size is 1mm for Triangle and 3mm for Quadrangle and the size is adjustable.
If you want to control the rounded corner size, please write on artwork and order note.



② Custom shapes


Most custom shapes are possible but it may not be possible to create cutting frames for complex designs or with many corners as per below examples. In this case, we will inform you.

  • ex) Deep cut shape design

    Sticker_Deep cut shape design_diagram
  • ex) Sharp shape design

    Sticker_Sharp shape design_diagram

③ Double Kiss-cut


Order applicable for Sticker sheets type.
Please insert quantity of basic and custom shapes on your artwork when you order.
For the left left design below, the quantity of basic shape is 1 and the custom shape is 1.