The surface of a product can affect to adhesion strength.
As much as a printing process, the success of adhesion is decided by the surface to stick and printing environment.
ADSticker offers two kinds of option for adhesion.
Please choose the proper one according to the product surface and envorinment.


ANormal Adhesive

Most of the sticker use normal adhesive and cheap to process.
It is easy to adapt various product and suitable for the place that no need strong adhesive.

▶Applicable materials : Simili 80g, Kraft 60g, Kraft 80g, Gold 80g, Silver 80g, Shoji paper 139g, WhitePP 80μ, WhitePP 100μ,
TransparentPET 25μ, TransparentPET 38μ, Transparent 50μ, SilverPET 25μ, SilverPET 50μ, WhitePVC 90g, TransparentPVC 90g

BStrong Adhesive

It is suitable for rubber, wood, rough or uneven place.

▶Applicable materials : Art 90g, Rayon paper 139g, Washi Paper 139g, WhitePP 80μ, WhitePVC 90g